If you’re moving from a conservative area or from a fairly small town or city, you may have never lived in an area that had an LGBTQ community center before. While these centers are becoming more and more prevalent, there are still many places where people do not have access to the services they provide. If you’re preparing to move, one thing you may want to consider is if the city you’re relocating to has an LGBTQ community center or not. This isn’t likely going to be the determining factor regarding your move, but it can be something to consider. Even if it doesn’t affect what neighborhood you’re settling into, it is useful to know where your local LGBTQ community center is. The resources they provide can be quite extensive, plus it can also be a source of new friends when moving to a new place.

Why Visit an LGBTQ Community Center?

Why should you want to live near one of these centers or look for one in the city you’re moving to? There are a number of different resources a LGBTQ community center can offer you regardless of your age, gender identity, income status, or anything else. They are non-profit centers that serve as places of information and safety. Some even provide housing information and other assistance to young people who have nowhere else to go.

As a homeowner, you may not need a place to stay or even to visit to escape from a stressful home life, but you may be interested in the community events held at the center. These events often focus on how you can help raise awareness for your local LGBTQ community and LGBTQ rights as a whole. Some centers bring in local politicians and city leaders to discuss what they can do for the LGBTQ community and how you can get more involved.

Many community centers also take an active role in organizing or sponsoring local pride festivals, cultural events, and other activities. Often, these events are spearheaded by community volunteers. Volunteering gives you a way of meeting new people and becoming a part of the community, something that can be difficult to do when moving somewhere new.

It’s never a bad idea to ask your gay or lesbian real estate agent where the local LGBTQ community center is located. It could be a great asset to have when you move!