What Could Stop Your Home from Selling?

Posted on June 18, 2018 in Buying a Home

Sometimes it’s hard to point to one feature of your home and blame it for why the property hasn’t sold. This is true for homes owned by LGBTQ sellers and straight sellers alike, but sometimes there are some things that do make it more difficult to sell your home. Gay and lesbian real estate agents may point out these features to you when working on how to market your home, and you definitely want to listen to them.


What Could Stop Your Home from SellingWhile it’s not always easy to pick up on, some potential buyers who seemed very excited to view your home may suddenly change their minds after they find out that a same-sex couple lives there. This is one of the reasons why it’s important to both remove most of your personal items from the home and not be present when potential buyers are viewing the property. That’s easy to do when you’ve already moved out, but it’s not as simple if you’re still living there.

Remember, the idea is for the potential buyer to see themselves living in the home. That’s harder to do if you have pictures of you and your partner around or if you’re physically there. You should also remove any artwork that’s on the risqué side. By making your home more neutral, you can also minimize the chance that the buyers will discriminate against you.

Don’t Be Offended if You’re Asked to Paint

You might love bright colors or having an accent wall, but that could be a turnoff to some buyers. Going back to a neutral color may seem boring to you, but it will help attract buyers. Remember, they’re probably going to repaint everything anyway!

Wrap Up Your Projects or Have Someone Finish Them

It’s definitely a stereotype that lesbians are always doing home renovation projects or that gay men are constantly redecorating their homes. However, like most stereotypes, there’s a kernel of truth here. If you’ve started a home renovation project, you can’t expect the next owner to finish it. Seeing a basement or attic that’s only half-finished can be a turnoff to buyers. They don’t want to take on your projects, so you’re going to need to wrap them up or hire someone to finish them. If you’re planning on selling in the new future, you may want to think twice about starting a project you aren’t sure you’ll be able to complete.

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