The Benefits of Living Near an LGBTQ Community Center

Posted on October 8, 2018 in Uncategorized

As a member of the LGBTQ community center, you may want to move into an area with other LGBTQ families or near the city’s gay district. One advantage of living near this area is that you’re close to the LGBTQ community center. This center offers a number of different benefits to those who live nearby or who are able to visit the center on a regular basis. Here are a few of the reasons why you might want to live near an LGBTQ community center or at least visit one from time to time.

Connect with Others

The Benefits of Living Near a LGBTQ Community CenterIf you’re new to a city, the only other LGBTQ person you may know is your gay or lesbian real estate agent. Chances are, you’re not going to hang out with them on a regular basis—most people don’t even see their agent once they have closed on their house. By visiting the local LGBTQ community center, you can meet other people, make new friends, and if you’re single, you could even meet your future spouse.

Attend Fun Events

Many LGBTQ community centers host different events throughout the year. Concerts, theater performances, art exhibits, cultural exhibits, and sporting events are just a few of the different things your local community center might host. Many also play a large part in their city’s local pride festival.


Many community centers are looking for volunteers to help with their programs. If you want to give back to your new community, you can volunteer to help with these activities or simply do some light cleaning or other work around the community center itself. Many young people who are questioning their gender identity or sexual orientation go to their local community center for information. You might volunteer to talk to them about your own experiences and listen to their stories.

Learn More about Medical Issues Affecting the LGBTQ Community

Some community centers also serve as healthcare centers for those who are unable to afford healthcare insurance or who want to talk to a LGBTQ doctor. While many centers focus on sexually-transmitted infections and HIV/AIDS, many do offer basic healthcare as well.

Be a Part of the Community

Overall, these centers are designed to be the center of the local LGBTQ community. Whether you simply want to make new friends, have something fun to do, or want to give back, your local LGBTQ community center is the place to go. Even if you decide not to live nearby, it’s worth visiting the center on a regular basis.

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