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The Most Anti-LGBT Cities According to Twitter

Posted on September 28, 2016 in Buying a Home

Most people wouldn’t think to look at Twitter to find a place to live. However, a study done by Abodo has scanned a large number of tweets to get an idea of the most anti-LGBT cities. The company did a search on Twitter for 154 different terms. Some were related to the LGBT community, while others focused on derogatory terms for gender and race. Over 10 million tweets met their search terms. The team categorized these tweets and ranked the cities they originated from. For those in the LGBT community, here are the cities that ranked the most welcoming and the least friendly.

the-most-anti-lgbt-cities-according-to-twitterIt is important to note that the study looked only at terms being used, not their context. It is very possible that some of the terms many find derogatory are used by others in a positive way. The study only counted how many times these terms were used.

The Most Anti-LGBT Cities

Most people would probably expect to see a city in the southern part of the U.S. to top this list. They might think of a place in North Carolina, Mississippi, Oklahoma, or Alabama. However, the city where residents sent the most tweets containing anti-LGBT slurs was Buffalo, New York. There were 168,000 tweets from the city that contained derogatory terms for LGBT people. While not all of these may have been negative, the fact that many terms that LGBT people find offensive were used may make some wonder about the city.

Other surprises from the list include the fact that five cities from California, another very liberal and welcoming state, were included. Riverside and Fontana came in third and fourth with 158,000 and 155,000 tweets, respectively. Bakersfield, Modesto, and Oxnard also made the top ten. The other four spots on the list were filled by Arlington, Texas (#2), Lincoln, Nebraska (#5), New Orleans, Louisiana (#9), and Corpus Christi, Texas (#10). Some cities, including Arlington and New Orleans, appeared on the most sexist and the most anti-African-American lists as well.

The Best and Worst According to Twitter

The study showed that overall, people from Louisiana sent out the most tweets using derogatory language with some 1,155,000 overall falling into the different categories studied. Nevada, Texas, Maryland, and Delaware rounded out the top five.

On the other side, the state with Twitter users who used the least amount of hate speech was Wyoming. It was followed by Montana, Vermont, South Dakota, and Idaho.

Top Cities for LGBT Individuals to Fall in Love

Posted on September 20, 2016 in LGBT News

Does it seem like you’re looking for love in all the wrong places? Ever since same-sex marriage was legalized, many LGBT couples have tied the knot. Getting married is more than simply declaring that they love each other—it also gives these couples a multitude of legal protections, including joint ownership of their property, medical visitation rights, and much more. But for those who are single, being invited to wedding after wedding seems like it’s rubbing salt in the wound, especially if they have been dating a lot but haven’t yet found the right person. For those who are looking to fall in love, has analyzed information from their online dating system and determined that these are the cities that have the highest potential for matching up life partners.

top-cities-for-lgbt-individuals-to-fall-in-loveOf course, you can find love anywhere, so you don’t necessarily need to contact a gay or lesbian real estate agent and start making plans to move right now. But if you are thinking about a move, these are cities you might consider for a number of reasons, not just because you might find “the one.”

For Men

Men looking to find another man to fall in love with should, according to Match, start in many of the usual places. Cities such as San Francisco, New York, LA, Boston, Miami, and Washington, D.C. all made the list here. But there are a few cities you may not think of that, according to online dating users, are full of gay, bi, and trans men looking for others. New Haven, Connecticut and Lancaster, Pennsylvania, for example, may not be two cities you’d think of when thinking about major LGBT hubs.

But a couple of the cities on this list may surprise some people. Dallas, Texas, for example. Many assume Texas is conservative all the way around, but it does have some very liberal areas. Dallas is home to the huge Cathedral of Hope, the largest inclusive church in the country. Atlanta, Georgia, is another city some may not think of as welcoming, but it is.

For Women

For women, the list is even a little stranger. There are cities in Massachusetts (Springfield and Worcester) plus Palm Bay, Florida; Scranton, Pennsylvania; and Toledo, Ohio, all states that have been fairly progressive. Dallas is on the list, too, along with Austin, Texas (another liberal area). Then there’s Tulsa, Oklahoma, a city located in a very conservative state. New Orleans, Louisiana, may make some wonder, too, but again, it’s a very liberal city surrounded by some quite conservative areas.

The Best Places to Live in North Carolina if You’re LGBT

Posted on September 9, 2016 in Buying a Home

North Carolina doesn’t always have the best reputation among the LGBT community, but there’s no reason to let the actions of a few ruin the entire state for you. As many gay and lesbian real estate veterans will tell you, there are many great cities in North Carolina that are welcoming to everything. In fact, North Carolina is actually home to a good number of LGBT residents. If you’re thinking of moving to the state, here are some of the cities you may want to consider.


the-best-places-to-live-in-north-carolina-if-youre-lgbtAshville is a fairly small city. With fewer than 100,000 people living in it, it’s great for people who want that small-town feel, but still want to be near everything a large city has to offer. Asheville actually has the largest percentage of LGBT residents in North Carolina, and it’s known for its outstanding pride festival.


Charlotte, on the other hand, is a huge city that is home to the biggest LGBT population in the state. Its pride festival is one of the biggest in the southeast, and many come from around the state and the surrounding areas to participate in the event every year. The city also features an inter faith equality coalition that works to ensure that LGBT people are welcomed into various faiths.


The capital of the state has a good number of LGBT citizens, although not as many as Charlotte or Asheville. However, it’s still a very welcoming place to live, and it’s known for its outstanding school system and low crime rate. Raleigh also has a good number of gay bars and other LGBT-owned businesses.


Located near Raleigh, Durham is known for its amazing pride parade. The NC Pride Festival is the largest in the state, even bigger than Charlotte’s, and attracts thousands of people. The city has a good number of LGBT residents and many popular LGBT-owned businesses.


Wilmington stands out from the other cities in North Carolina by offering a strong school system that many LGBT families find is perfect for them. The city seems quieter than many of the other large cities in the state, and it’s definitely more laid back. Wilmington has a pride festival, but it’s actually fairly small, and there isn’t really a major LGBT neighborhood or scene. Everyone is content to simply go about their own business as they see fit and let their neighbors do the same.

These five cities are just a few of the welcoming places to live in North Carolina. You could easily call any one of them home.