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Barclay's experiences in the working world encompass a wide range of diversity, thus landing him in the prestigious world of real estate, a passion Barclay has held for many years. The passion for real estate began in Fort Lauderdale, Florida where he invested first in residential properties and eventually led into investing in commercial properties as well. At one point in time, Barclay was a controlling partner in ten diverse properties which included single family residences, multi-unit residences and multi-unit commercial holdings. Simultaneously while investing in properties, Barclay was part owner of a digital imaging company which employed 14 people and enjoyed annual sales topping 1.5 million dollars. At one point, PubSet was widely known as the second largest digital film separators in the tri-county area of South Florida.

Barclays top priority in real estate is his clients wishes and the desire to make their wishes a reality. Having had the many opportunities to be on the buyers side of real estate and the sellers side for more than 20 years, he knows how a client should be treated - they are number one! Additionally, Barclay certainly understands that time is of the essence. He understands that no matter how small or large a transaction may be, each and every client is important to the success of his business.

In addition to his real estate passions, Barclay also gives back to the community by serving on the Board of Terpsicorps Theater of Dance in Asheville. Terpsicorps is known for producing innovative, thought provoking, and entertaining performances of the highest professional caliber.