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Originally from Southern California, Stephanie left the Golden State for STL in 2002 & decided she was here to stay. As for her career in real estate, she really didnt have a choice in the matter. She was born into the world of real estate; her mother an agent & father a mortgage broker. She was answering calls before she could even see a PG-13 movie. She didnt go quietly into predestined career, she attended college for art & psychology (actually, that might come in handy), joined the circus for a bit (not even kidding) & even created a start-up baking/event company. Once her free spirit was thoroughly entertained she settled into the real estate life & is extremely happy to be doing something shes not only good at, but something she loves.

When Stephanies not counseling buyers & negotiating inspection notices its entirely possible shes got a chai tea latte in her hand or doing a handstand, although not simultaneously. She loves paddle boarding & playing with her currently 4 doggos (1 foster included). Shes also a proud momma of a super-sweet, bilingual (English & Mandarin) 10 year old.

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Though I work with all types of buyers and sellers I also have extensive experience working with employees of Washington University who are interested in using the university's "Employer Assisted Housing Program." This program offers forgivable loans to employees to help stabilize different areas of the city. If you're a WashU employee ask me how about their program and it's benefit.