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Pleasure to meet you! My name is Nadeem (Pronounced: Nuh-DEEM).

As a native of South Florida I have watched West Palm Beach expand vastly over the last 20 years!

After graduating locally I excitingly chose to peruse a culinary career. Being raised in a home blended of multiple cultures and ethnic backgrounds sparked my interest in all things culinary. Although I enjoyed creating decadent dishes, I became heavily involved in restaurant management, utilizing my ability to lead and mentor individuals.

My natural desire to explore prompted an unexpected move to Denver, Colorado in 2018. I spent two years immersed as a specialty chocolatier. There I was given opportunity to formulate an award winning confection, our team succeeded!

Returning to a place of familiarity during the unpredictable year of 2020, I chose to become a Realtor to service local and surround cities in South Florida! Working with Florida Premier Realty of the Palm Beaches has been a phenomenal experience. Our team has successfully closed over 5 million dollars in sales, just in the last three months!

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