When Should LGBT Homeowners Move?

Posted on June 19, 2017 in Buying a Home

If you’re happy with the house you’re currently living in, why should you move? There are many different reasons people move, but there are a few that members of the LGBT community encounter more often than others. These reasons often have to do with their sexuality or their gender identity.

They Are Victims of Discrimination

Gay and lesbian real estate agents have a number of clients who are looking to move due to discrimination. These individuals or families have been made to feel unwelcome in their current neighborhood. Some may have had their homes or vehicles vandalized. It’s possible they were even directly attacked. Even if they weren’t physically assaulted or experienced property damage, they may have been verbally abused.

These people most likely don’t want to move, but they may have reached the point where they feel that they are no longer safe living where they are. They often want to move into a gay neighborhood or to a more welcoming city.

Their Children Have Been Bullied

Same-sex couples with children may feel that they have to move so that their children can have a safe and welcoming school environment. Even though they themselves may not have been discriminated against, their children may have been picked on by others. Some children have never encountered others who have same-sex parents. These kids often simply need to be talked to. Others, though, may actively antagonize children with two mothers or two fathers. The parents of these children may even encourage such behavior.

To keep their children safe, these LGBT couples may feel that they have no other choice but to move. In this case, they’re most likely looking for schools with a record of LGBT acceptance, a PFLAG chapter, and a gay-straight student alliance.

State Laws Restrict Their Freedoms

Unfortunately, the states trying to pass laws allowing discrimination against the LGBT community seem to be increasing rather than decreasing. Those who live in a very conservative city or state may be afraid that their rights will be taken away. These individuals or families may make the decision to move somewhere more liberal, at least until laws are passed that guarantee equal rights for all.

These people often look for cities that have LGBT representation in local government. They may want to look at towns or cities that have or have had LGBT mayors or city council representatives. They also look for cities or counties with laws protecting LGBT individuals.